The 1999 Scripts Downloads


Thanks to the assistance of our fans and supporters, we are providing you with TWO scripts to read for your viewing pleasure.


Here is the link to the May 1999 Script: TATMR May 99 Script

Here is the link to the August 1999 Script: TATMR Aug 99 Script


This scripts are provided to you free by Restore the Magic. Please continue to support the efforts of the movie being released.



3 thoughts on “The 1999 Scripts Downloads

  1. Kevin J. Devaney

    I’m so sorry if I tried to sign twice on the petition just now. I couldn’t remember which one was my signature there. Sorry about that. I can’t wait to see Part Four of the revised draft of the original script of Thomas And The Magic Railroad!

  2. Matt Lohmar

    I wish you all the very best of luck. The script has been a real treat to read so far and I cannot wait to read part 4. It is truly amazing how different the script is from what I remember as a child.

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