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Shining Time Station premiered in 1989 and ran for three seasons, followed by several specials. This series introduced US audiences to the eclectic group of characters that worked on the Indian Valley Railroad and those that visited the station. An 18-Inch Conductor (played by Ringo Starr and later George Carlin) would narrate Thomas stories for the children and select adults based around the theme of the episode. The show also featured several live action and animated sequences, as well as a Jukebox Band (performed by Flexitoon) that would perform various songs throughout each episode. Shining Time Station also was an excellent source for railroad history and education. Elements from this show would later reappear in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


Although some episodes are available via internet sites, the quality of these videos have diminished over the years. As part of the Restore the Magic Campaign, our team is also dedicated to release this wonderful series on DVD. As this is a separate project, there is a unique petition dedicated to the DVD release of Shining Time Station. To sign, please fill out the information below.


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