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Listed below are some frequently asked question regarding the campaign.

  • Who is Thomas the Tank Engine?
    • Thomas the Tank Engine a small blue tank engine that has been a favorite of children and adults for over 70 years. Thomas has puffed into the hearts of everyone through various media, including books, television, film, music, apps, games, live events, and so much more. His cheeky personality and memorable situations allow children to learn the values of friendship, compassion, teamwork, and other qualities that make Thomas and his friends “really useful engines.”
  • What is Shining Time Station?
    • Shining Time Station was a television show created by Britt Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow in 1989. The show was used to introduce Thomas and Friends to the US audience after being a runaway success in the UK. The show features an eclectic group of railway workers, children, a talented Jukebox Band, as well as an 18-inch conductor that would narrate the Thomas stories.
  • Who is Britt Allcroft?
    • Britt Allcroft is the Award-Winning Creator of Thomas and Friends. After an interview and meeting the Railway Series Creator, Rev. W. Awdry, she and her amazing creative team went on to create the television adaptation of Awdry’s beloved book series. Britt served as Executive Producer and Writer for several seasons of the series.
  • What Is Thomas and the Magic Railroad?
    • In 2000, Thomas and his friends made their first theatrical appearance in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. The film was written and directed by Britt Allcroft and combined elements from both Thomas and Friends and Shining Time Station.
  • Where can I see Thomas and the Magic Railroad?
    • The theatrical release of Thomas and the Magic Railroad can be purchased at local retail stores, online retailers, and it is digitally available for download. To purchase a DVD of the movie, click here.
  • What is the Unreleased Version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad?
    • In 2007, a very different version of the script was discovered online. After much speculation, Britt confirmed that there was an alternate version of the movie that was filmed, but due to a poor test audience screening, the executive producers made the decision to re-edit the entire film a few weeks before the the official movie premiere. This edit deleted several characters, recast voice actors, and ultimately created a story that was not cohesive which the audience could not understand or appreciate. These factors lead to the movie receiving mixed to negative reviews.
  • Where can I see the Unreleased Version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad?
    • Unfortunately, at this time there is no edit of this version available.
  • Do you have a copy of the Unreleased Version that I can watch?
    • Nobody involved with Restore the Magic has seen the unreleased version, nor does anyone on our team possess a copy of this film.
  • When will the Unreleased Version of the film premiere?
    • There is no set date for the release of this film at this time. A release date can be anticipated once a full edit has been made, restoring the original edit of the film.
  • Can I watch what has already been found?
    • Unfortunately, the footage that has been found is incomplete and therefore not viewable at this time.
  • Where can I watch Shining Time Station?
    • You can currently watch some episodes of Shining Time Station on YouTube.
  • Can I purchase Shining Time Station on DVD?
    • At this time, Shining Time Station is not available to purchase on DVD.
  • How can I help get the Unreleased Version available for public viewing?
    • There are several tasks you can complete in order to assist! First, sign the petition. This will show in numbers how many people are interested in seeing this cut of the film. After that, check out our Home Page and our Social Media accounts to assist in spreading the word about the campaign.
  • Can I contact HIT Entertainment and other companies asking about the Unreleased Version of the film?
    • Please DO NOT contact any companies on your own. We appreciate your dedication to the cause, but these companies should not be contacted by any individuals. Various companies, including HIT Entertainment, are aware of Restore the Magic and our goals. Individual efforts have been attempted in the past and have been unsuccessful. By combining all of our efforts and talents, this campaign will have a significantly better chance of succeeding.



Basic contact information is collected for all petitions on this site. This is to verify that all people signing the petition are all actual people. The information collected will be shared with those parties that will have a direct relation with the release of the film (Ex. HIT Entertainment). The information collected can be viewed by the Leaders of the campaign, but the entire signature list is not viewable by the public.

This website does use cookies to track who has already visited and participated in the polls. Analytics is installed on this site to track search engine presence and it does log which regions traffic is coming from. However, this information is kept anonymous. We use this analytic data to increase awareness of the Restore the Magic Campaign.

If there are any questions that are not answered here, please contact us via the Contact Us page! Thank you again for your support!

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