Lady the lost engines’ Journey

Restore the Magic is the official campaign for all things Thomas and the Magic Railroad.  We need your assistance to rescue and restore Lady! Visit this link to support the effort to restore the Lady prop. Regular updates are coming soon to this page.

The screen used large scale model of Lady has been recently located! In the alternate universe-type story, Lady (voiced by Britt Allcroft) is a magical engine that connects the worlds of Shining Time and the Island of Sodor. Our goal is to purchase the engine, tranport her to the proper facilities, and assist in her restoration process. Lady currently resides in Southern California and will need proper care and transportation to a restoration facility currently to be determined. Our team is in contact with various Railway Restoration facilities acrosss the US and UK and will determine which of the facilities is best suited for Lady to call her new home.

Our priority is to purchase Lady and find her a new home where she can be visited by everyone. Restore the Magic is seeking oppotunities to be able to bring Lady to fans across the world. At this time, details are being discussed.

All information will be documented so fans and donors can follow the process of Lady’s restoration to her magic railroad. Her beautiful purple and gold livery will once again sparkle as it did nearly 20 years ago.

With your donations, you can assist us in reaching the following goals:
– $2000: Purchase Lady model!
– $3000: Transport Lady to restoration facilities to begin repairwork!
– $1000+ : Beginning funds necessary to start restoration!

Please remember that no amount is too small. Every single donation counts and will assist us in reaching our goal. With your help, we can return Lady to her magic railroad.

About Thomas and the Magic Railroad
: Released in 2000, Thomas and the Magic Railroad stars Peter Fonda, Mara Wilson, and Alec Baldwin.  The film was theatrically released to mixed-negative reviews and did not return on investment as predicted. Unfair blame and harsh criticism was placed on the movie’s Director and Writer, Britt Allcroft (Creator of the Television Series), in terms of the story’s writing style and structure. Seven years later, it was discovered through several leaked scripts that there were huge edits made, including character eliminations, plot points abandoned, and several recasting in voice actors, prior to the movie being theatrically released. This was due to a very poor test audience screening in the United States. From there, producers and studio executives decided to make these major edits against the will of the creative team behind the motion picture. Over the last several years, fans have united to show their support in discovering the lost footage and restoring the magic to Thomas and the Magic Railroad.