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Thank you for your support of Restore The Magic! Before contacting us, please read over these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and see if your question has already been answered!

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The Restore The Magic team is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of railways in media.  In addition, our Lost Edition Campaign team is often busy planning the next steps in the campaign. However, if there are any questions not answered above, please do not hesitate to ask! There are several ways you can contact us:


Email: RestoreTheMagic@Gmail.com 

 Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RestoreTheMagic

  Twitter: @RestoreTheMagic

 YouTube: RTM Official YouTube

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If you are interested in having a role in the campaign, please join our private Facebook Group here. Once all directions are followed, you will be added to the group!




Basic contact information is collected for all petitions on this site. This is to verify that all people signing the petition are all actual people. The information collected will be shared with those parties that will have a direct relation with the release of the film (Ex. HIT Entertainment). The information collected can be viewed by the Leaders of the campaign, but the entire signature list is not viewable by the public.

This website does use cookies to track who has already visited and participated in the polls. Analytics is installed on this site to track search engine presence and it does log which regions traffic is coming from. However, this information is kept anonymous. We use this analytic data to increase awareness of the Restore the Magic Campaign.

If there are any questions that are not answered here, please contact us via the Contact Us page! Thank you again for your support!