500 signature update: Petitions, Sony Manufacture on Demand Blu-Rays, Maine Central 470 Restoration, Mr. Conductor phones in a Happy Birthday and more

By | August 30, 2016

Restore the Magic! Sign the Thomas and the Magic Railroad Director's Cut Petition


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Hello friends! We did it! Restore The Magic’s email petition has reached 500 signatures and sent over 3,000 emails requesting the Director’s Cut of Thomas and the Magic Railroad be released for fans to enjoy. We thank everyone for their support but this isn’t over yet. Please continue to share the petition and support the cause because we need still more and we’ve still go some work to do to reach and surpass the number the original petition Sodor Island Fansite ran. I have it on good authority the more interest we garner the better.


Not only that but a new Thunderclap has been set up. https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/37460-reawaken-the-magic?locale=en. This is less than 100 supporters away from reaching a 250 goal by October 31st. Jake Vogler’s change.org petition continues to run simultaneously as well and needs your help to reach its 500 signature goal. If we combine all these together we have 860 signatures. The Shining Time Station DVD campaign is also picking up steam passing 100 signatures.

Follow The Rainbow Sun, Shining Time Station DVD Release Petition


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Sony Pictures has meanwhile started a new program to manufacture Blu-Rays on demand. This is a great opportunity to show our support for Thomas and the Magic railroad. I encourage fans to email consumer@SPHECustomerSupport.sony.com and ask for both the theatrical version and Director’s Cut. In the event of a theatrical version Blu-ray release Restore The Magic has been exploring ways to slip a special feature about the Director’s Cut into the release.

Restore The Magic is also exploring the possibility of purchasing the original www.magicrailroad.com redirecting it to www.restorethemagic.org or moving the website there. However, the cost is steep with the domain name costing a full $1,799 usd.  To make this a reality we would require donations from fans to raise donations. Please comment on this post if you would be interested in supporting donations or a gofundme type campaign to obtain the original domain. The purpose of this would be to increase the footprint of restore the magic to reach more people.



One of the best ways for Restore the Magic to increase  our footprint and reach our goals is to show our support of other causes. The Railfan community that exists outside the Shining Time Station and Thomas Fandom can support us with signatures if we remind them that Shining Time Station and The Magic Railroad is as beneficial to the preservation of vintage equipment like steam locomotive Maine Central #470 just as Thomas and Friends is as a whole. It helped get many 90s kids into the franchise. The New England Steam Corporation is one of our supporters in that community. Recently the group has move #470 out of the park she rested in for restoration. The process of moving the big 4-6-2 was fascinating.  You can view all of it here on their website here http://www.newenglandsteam.org/new. Please consider making a donation to the group in the name of #RestoreTheMagic.


And Mr. Conductor delivered a surprise Birthday wish in this video. =)

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