Stoke the fire. 90 more signatures by New Years! Get Your Family & Friends to Sign and introducing the #RestoreTheMagic Business Card

By | November 13, 2015

The petition has been hovering over 300 now. IWe are setting the goal to get 90 more signatures and reach 400 by the New Year.  We need to push to get as many signatures for both petitions as possible, but we don’t want duplicates either. If you haven’t already ask your friends and family members to sign the petition please do so.

We are also introducing the #RestoreTheMagic business card.

Business Card

A discrete card bomb supporters can print out to give or people or stick in public places anonymously like on the bulletin boards at work and school to lure the curious to our site. There are more closet fans out there than you think.

P.S. There are a few more changes coming in 2016. The year of Team Thomas!

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