3 thoughts on “Support Jake Vogler’s petition for the Magic Railroad Director’s Cut

  1. Kevin J. Devaney

    I have signed the petition and I have been encouraging and offering the big opportunity to other people that I know (friends, family, etc.). I just know that we can achieve this big goal, no matter how difficult it may look. Both Shining Time Station and Thomas The Tank Engine have always taught us tht little engines can do big things.

    The petition has now reached a little over three hundred signatures —- let’s keep this petition and this campaign a-moving. We can do it, we just need to believe much harder that we are really little engines that can do big things, just like this, I can guarantee that for sure. As we would say in the words of The Little Engine That Could: ‘We think that we can, we think that we can, we think that we can, we think that we can…’

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