Rainbow Tiger Update: Norfolk and Western 611 takes her first steps in 21 years

By | May 11, 2015

On May 9th, 2015 M&W 611 took her first baby steps in 21 years. Railfans who turned out to National Train Day at the North Carolina Museum of Transportation for 611’s test fire were delighted and surprised to hear her mysterious bell, her steamboat whistle, and most of all to see the wonder of this big girl in motion. Just as Harry Cupper said in Ring in the Old it takes hard work and dedication to make this possible. Thank you to the Fire Up 611. Look forward to seeing her back on the mainline soon! Support 611 by visiting www.fireup611.org.


Credit to the Fort Wayne Historical Society.


Also keep an eye out for her big sister Norfolk and Western Y6a 2156 on her way to display at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

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