Harry Cupper’s Steam Engine of the Week: Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad’s No 17

By | April 26, 2015

Harry Cupper’s engine of this week would probably get along well with our favorite green engine Henry. Hammond Lumber Co. #17 is a 1929 ALCO (American Locomotive Works) tank engine. Only 21 of this kind of locomotive were constructed and only six remain. This is the only one in Operational Condition. Unfortunately, a similar 2-8-2t was scrapped just a few years ago in Tampa, FL.


Photo Courtesy of Allen’s Photographic


No. 17 is a real Firefighter but without the water cannons Belle has. She arrived in the timberlands in a part of Oregon shortly after a series of major forest fired engulfed the area and served to haul out salvaged tender from the burned lands.

In 1942 No. 17 was sold to Hammond Lumber Co where she was given her number 17. Once more fire played a part in the engine’s life. in 1945, it burned a series of trestles while the engine was sitting in a woods logging camp. The cost of repair was deemed too high and No 17 was abandoned in the camp.

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Photo Courtesy of Bob Harbison


In 1965, a local mill owner named Gus Peterson purchased the tank engine. He built a road and trucked the engine out piece by piece. No 17 was reassembled and restored. She operated on a tourist line in California until gasoline shortages spelled the end and mothballed the engine.

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Photo Courtesy of Allen’s Photographic


in 1995 No 17’s fire was lit again and she started operating on the Mt. Rainer Scenic Railroad where you can see this unique 2-8-2t logging, rod locomotive in action.

Videos from Mt. Rainier Scenic’s Youtube Channel. Nice Whistle! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8MC9mdG7AN2cZJCGlEiCp05uXMx_BVoG

Special Thanks to the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad for helping #RestoreTheMagic put together this weeks “Harry Cupper’s Engine of the Week”. No.17 is an engine I can easily imagine rolling along the Indian Valley Railroad with either Harry or Billy at the throttle. Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad believe in magic. Do you? Sign out petition to release the Thomas and The Magic Railroad Director’s Cut and Shining Time Station on DVD. Visit Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad on the web and consider taking a ride http://www.mrsr.com/.

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