Return of the Reading Rambler! Help Fire Up one of the Rainbow Suns! Fire up Reading No. 2100!

By | April 25, 2015


Reading No 2100 is the sister engine to Reading no 2101 (And reading 2102) which was featured many times in Jukebox Band and Railroad Folklore montages. This makes 2100 the likeness of an engine that was featured in the show that provided a face to the engines used on the Indian Valley Railroad. If you’ve ever dreamed of riding a train from Doodle Haven to Shining Time lets do our part to help get Reading No. 2100 out on the excursion circuits.

Not only that but let’s prove to preservationists and railfans alike how beneficial our fandom, the Thomas Fandom, and the American members of the fandom can be to them. Perhaps when we get the chance to bask in the glory of a living and breathing rainbow rambler we’ll be able to ask for some support back to help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures to realize the Thomas and The Magic Railroad, Shining Time Station on DVD, and bring all things Shining Time back into the public eye. Once we’ve done that, the possibility lies that we can fully #RestoreTheMagic and reboot Shining Time Station for another generation.

You can make your donations here as well as read all about Fire Up Reading 2100. If 20 people put in $25 each thats a $500 donation. If 40 people put in $25 each that’s a $1000 donation. This is a great way to show that these organizations can benefit from Thomas and Friends fans and that Thomas and Friends fans support Railroad Preservation. I urge all American fans and anyone else who wished to help to participate. All steam is precious. Little steam is better than no steam at all. But there is nothing like an encounter with one of these big engines.

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