The Many Rainbow Suns of Shining Time Station

By | March 27, 2015

Been a while since I watched through the series. I’ve been going through the episodes looking for images of various steam locomotives besides Union Pacific 844. The idea is to tweet the pics @trainsmagazine and their respective entities.

So far in season 1…

I have ex Philadelphia and Reading No. 2101 best known as the other steam engine that pulled the American Freedom Train. She also pulled the Chessie Steam Specials and that is her livery in her clips. 2101 was badly damaged in a fire. Currently to my knowledge this engine is part of the B&O Museums’ collection. Was on display in American Freedom Train livery but has been removed from public display for cosmetic restoration. @borrm is B&O Museums twitter handle.  2101 gets alot of screentime.

ex Reading No. 2101 in Chessie Steam Special livery.

Norfolk and Western 1218 and 611 both appear frequently in the video montages. 611 provides the face to Harry’s Rainbow Tiger even. So happens 611 is under restoration and latest estimates are she’ll return to Roanoke, VA under steam in May. This is rather convenient as I’m also a member of the 611 Society. Images of both engines can be Tweeted to @vmtroanoke and 611 to @fireup611

N&W Class J as Harry’s Rainbow Tiger.

ex. Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR No. 18 or Grand Canyon Railway 18 which ofcourse appeared in ‘Tis a Gift and a couple montages was put out to pasture when Xenterra bought the scenic railway. They still run their 2-8-2 no.4960 (Thankfully, this engine has a rocky history). 18 is now owned and operated by the Rio Grand Scenic Railroad in Colorado. @riograndescenic

No. 18 from Tis a Gift

There is also a Southern Pacific cab unit in Things That Go Ga-Hooga in the Night.

Eespee Cab Unit from night train sequence in Shining Time Station season 1.


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