Operation #RainbowTiger

By | March 21, 2015

At the moment I’m please with the traffic coming into the site. It has been determined that Sony holds all the cards with Thomas and The Magic Railroad and we’ll need to focus efforts on Sony rather that HiT Entertainment and other entities. There is much thought on where to go from here. Thus I’ve decided to play up the Shining Time Station angle for a while and to try and draw more support from the Railfan community at large outside the Thomas Fandom. Rediscovering that Norfolk and Western Class J No. 611 represented Harry’s train the Rainbow Tiger in the show has inspired me.

This is why I am seeking screenshots from Shining Time Station of locomotives that appeared in the video montages besides Union Pacific No. 844. I want to collect these images both to Tweet out to the various railroad organization or programs to remind them how many locomotives appeared and how a simple show of support by promoting our causes.org petition to get a DVD release of Shining Time Station and Thomas and the Magic Railroad can be beneficial to all of us. I also intend to use these images in a letter to Train Magazine.

I have always believed that even though he is a British train, Thomas the Tank Engine does his share in getting young kids interested in Railroading and Railroad History as well as Railways. Its vital the younger generation gets into this stuff so interest in railroad preservation will continue in the future. If Shining Time Station and Thomas and the Magic Railroad’s Director’s Cut were to be released to DVD they are more tools that could be used to get young children interested. I also think there is interest in supporting Shining Time for potential reboot as the American Dub of [i]Thomas and Friends[/i] in the Future through something like crown funding. Its a way to put engines like UP 844, N&W 611, and Nickelplate 765 on screen for children to see and become interested in.

And please remember to support our friends at www.fireup611.org. #TheRainbowTiger.611-Theold

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