#RestoreTheMagic Twitter Campaign day and live chat on 2/28/2015

By | February 23, 2015

Taking a page from the SaveTheCloneWars campaign restorethemagic.org will host a #RestoreTheMagic will host a twitter campaign from 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time with no set stop time. RestoreTheMagic will host a live twitter chat for help and support on how and what to tweet @ShoutFactory and . We’ll host movie and TV show trivia for all things Thomas, chat about the upcoming release of the much anticipated The Adventure Begins special. For SiF members and RTM community members I will open a Tinychat and screen episodes of Shining Time Station. Come out and support the Director’s Cut and Shining Time Station on DVD. I hope to host these the last Saturday of every month going forward.

Thanks to everyone for their support. #RestoreTheMagic! In the meantime please cheack out all the ways you can help by clicking on ‘Active Campaign’ and checking out The Adventure Begin’s drive. To join the TinyChat and to join #RestoreTheMagic for discussion anytime join up on Sodor Island Forum or in our own little forum when you click the button up top. No registration required! Simply login with the Social Media platform of your choice.

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