The Adventure Begins Drive Throttles Up

By | February 18, 2015

I invite all fans whether they support this campaign or not to prove their support for Thomas and the Friends and all the great work that has been done to bring the franchise back to its former glory since Series 17 by participating in the #RestoreTheMagic The Adventure Beings drive by presenting their DVD covers and receipts.

————————————————————————————————————————Here is how this works:————————————————————————————–

Step 1: Purchase The Adventure Begins

Step 2: Take a picture of the Jewel Case with the receipt

Step 3: Attach note signed with your real name, Twitter Handle, or Forum username and the hashtags #TheAdventureBegins #RestoreTheMagic #FollowTheRainbowSun

Step 4:  Email the picture to

Step 5: Post the picture on Twitter @RestoreTheMagic @Shout_Factory , and @Sony includ e#TheAdventureBegins #RestoreTheMagic #FollowTheRainbowSun———————————————————————————————————————————————–

The Adventure Begins coming  March 3rd to Walmart shelves here in the United States is an awesome milestone for Thomas and Friends and Shining Time Station fans everywhere. The special celebrates the 70th anniversary of the franchise’s creation with the publication of The Railway Series.

It appears The Adventure Begins will be the action packed origin story every hero deserves including little blue tank engines. Thomas always seems to roll back into my life during trying times. I and many, many fans who feel the same way look forward to this special with great anticipation. I know my eyes will be filled with stars watching it.

This special’s success hinges uniquely on DVD Sales rather than the merchandising fluff typical of the TV Show and its other specials. Do not sitback and view it on YouTube or grab this off Kickass Torrents. This beautifully animated special deserves to be brought home and watched on a good HDTV. Otherwise we may never see a sequel that will delve like this into the Sodor mythology.

I believe the 70th anniversary mile stone and this important highly anticipated special are the perfect opportunity for a campaign both to bring awareness to Shout! Factory, Mattel HiT Entertainment, and Sony Pictures how much fans want a Director’s Cut or a cut with as much restored footage as possible released of Thomas and The Magic Railroad. And how much fans want a proper DVD Release of Shining Time Station.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to all the discussion we have to look forward to about our Thomas the Tank Engines’ origin story. And remember its not the end but the journey that count.

-Niki (Metamorphical)



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