The #RestoretheMagic Mission

By | February 6, 2015


Our campaign mission is simple. To bring Shining Time Station back into the public eye. We’ll start with the movie that was wrecked by Hollywood. #RestoreTheMagic was coined as the hashtag for the campaign to get the Director’s Cut of Thomas and The Magic Railroad released or at the least as much material as possible released with a possible Blu-Ray release. Honestly I think Magic Railroad would look great with in a 3D remaster but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

I recognize that Thomas and the Magic Railroad is unpopular with many in the Thomas fandom. Indeed it is nothing like either Thomas and Friends or Shining Time Station which the later was simply meant to be a framing device for. However I find the movie as gotten better as it has aged with a campy cheesy goodness.

I see the release of the Director’s Cut as going hand and hand with at long last a DVD collection of Shining Time Station being released like with the campaign I set out with several years ago when Shining Time University was created. I even see the Director’s Cut as being the first step toward a full reboot of Shining Time Station and a chance to delve into an alternate universe of time travel magic and time warps with everyone’s favorite blue tank engine.

Please join us in our goal. I have fully revamped this site in launching turning comments on and attempting to create a social media like experience to build this movement from. The forum section you see is not a traditional forum but one more way I hope to grow into an entire army of campaigners and content creators for #RestoreTheMagic.

We are proudly powered and partnered with Sodor Island Forum in this endeavor. Please join the active discussion there. Many thank to SiF for their support and contributions thus far and into the future. Thanks to ShingTime95 for the video.

And Don’t forget to throw #FollowTheRainbowSun in there and ask for Shining Time Station in each letter, email, and call you make.


6 thoughts on “The #RestoretheMagic Mission

  1. Kevin J. Devaney

    I just received a few emails from, I believe, Mattel Inc, today, and this is what they told me:
    1. “Hi Kevin,
    I hope this email finds you well today.
    We’re so happy to hear about your interest in the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie, especially with such enthusiasm more than a decade after its release. Thomas is truly a beloved character, and we are very fond of this movie too! Unfortunately, we’re unaware of a director’s cut and have no plans to re-release the movie at this time. Thank you for sharing your interest with us and giving us this opportunity to respond.
    Best Regards,
    Sharon D., Consumer Services Associate.”

    2. “Thanks so much for following-up, Kevin.
    Your story was sweet to hear and we always love to know how much Thomas has touched the lives of fans over the years.
    Regrettably, we do not have any additional information for you. I know this is disappointing to hear, but we don’t get to know any information about new (or old) released until they are actually released.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us! I will forward this along for you.
    -Kim S., Consumer Services Associate.”

    I emailed them back, asking if they will notify me when they do get any additional information. I hope that this helps, for now, that they still believe in the goal. I just know that they do believe that we can achieve our big goal.

  2. Corey Parsons

    I agree with this director’s cut of the film, Because I want to see this version of the film differently than the released version from 2000. And to show the fans what the film should have been like Britt Allcroft was trying to being to the silver screen way back in 2000 and open up the interest of making a another theatrical live-action Thomas film again. And best of all this film will also be open very wide to the eyes of Mara Wilson fans.

    1. Hazlam

      but the directors cut contains a future Lily (Mara Wilson), nanarating the movie.Not Mr Conductor and there are still alot of other scenes with her but sadly still in the directors cut.

      1. Corey Parsons

        Hello Hazlam

        I do believe Mara Wilson did narrate the film as Lily in post-production of the film and might have also played the grown-up version of her character. I am asking this question that no Thomas or Shining Time Station fan had asked, Did Mara Wilson really did narrate the film and played the adult version of her character in the film? Or did someone else did both of them?

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