Restore The Magic is a fan operated campaign supporting the original director’s cut release of the 2000 feature film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, with a secondary goal of releasing all episodes and specials of the Award-Winning television series Shining Time Station on DVD. The true magic of these wonderful properties has yet to be seen by many dedicated fans around the world.



What is the Original Director’s Cut?

In July 2000, Thomas and the Magic Railroad was theatrically released to mixed-negative reviews and did not return on investment as predicted. Unfair blame and harsh criticism was placed on the movie’s Director and Writer, Britt Allcroft (Creator of the Television Series), in terms of the story’s writing style and structure. Seven years later, it was discovered through several leaked scripts that there were huge edits made, including character eliminations, plot points abandoned, and several recasting in voice actors, prior to the movie being theatrically released. This was due to a very poor test audience screening in the United States. From there, producers and studio executives decided to make these major edits against the will of the creative team behind the motion picture. Over the last several years, fans have united to show their support in discovering the lost footage and restoring the magic to Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


What Can I Do to Help?

There are several ways to assist and help in this campaign.

  • SIGN OUR PETITION- Studio Executives are only interested in releasing films if there is an interested audience. Our current goal is to reach 5,000 signatures on our petition. Thomas has been a strong influence for over 70 years, so we as a fan-base need to come together to show an interest.
  • JOIN ALL OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA- Listed at the bottom of the page are all of our social media accounts. Through these, you can LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, and SUPPORT all of our efforts across all platforms on the internet.
  • USE OUR HASHTAGS- Hashtags make it easier for people to find similar links and information based on specific subject matter. The two hashtags associated with Restore the Magic are #RestoreTheMagic and #MagicRailroadOriginal. Use these hashtags when discussing the project.
  • SHARE YOUR TALENTS WITH US- Fans can have a huge influence on the outcome of a project. Share your fan creations with us! Some of your pictures, artwork, stories, and videos could be shared through our social media accounts and website!
  • READ THE SCRIPTS- Familiarize yourself with the original drafts of the scripts, which can be downloaded here on our site!
  • VOLUNTEER- We are always on the lookout for talented volunteers to assist in the technical side of the campaign!
  • FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS- It is imperative that all directions are followed in order to have a successful campaign!

What Should I NOT Do?

There are some items you should REFRAIN from doing.

  • CONTACT STUDIOS YOURSELF- This is something the Restore the Magic Leads ONLY should be doing. Studio Executives and other major company higher-ups greatly dislike being bombarded with a multitude of emails. In fact, they view it as spam. In order to make this a successful project, please let our project leads take care of this.
  • BOMBARD FANS- We understand that this is not necessarily something that all people are interested in, and that is ok. If you invite someone to join in the campaign and they are not interested, please do not continue to insist that they do. This will only cause confusion and delay.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us! Thank you for helping us #RestoreTheMagic!