The #RestoretheMagic Mission


Our campaign mission is simple. To bring Shining Time Station back into the public eye. We’ll start with the movie that was wrecked by Hollywood. #RestoreTheMagic was coined as the hashtag for the campaign to get the Director’s Cut of Thomas and The Magic Railroad released or at the least as much material as possible released with a possible Blu-Ray… Read more »

In Memory of Doug Lennox


Sad news to report… Doug Lennox, the actor who portrayed PT Boomer in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, has passed away.  Lennox was also a supporter of us here at Restore the Magic, and was kind and frequently messaged back to Thomas fans about what he knew of PT Boomer.  We wish our condolences to Doug Lennox’s family. In light… Read more »

Now Targeting Mill Creek for Director’s Cut release!

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  In addition to our continued targeting of Shout! Restore the Magic will now target Mill Creek Entertainment for the Director’s Cut being released. All 311 petition emails have been re-sent to Mill Creek and you may receive random replies. Fill free to post any interesting replies you get. Please also start writing letters and making phone calls to Mill… Read more »

A new Thunderclapit has been created. We have two months to gain as many supporters as possible. Please follow the link!


Hello Magicteers. MagicRailroader on Twitter has posted a new thunderclapit to support the Director’s Cut. We have 2 months to gain as much support as possible. Please share this support the Director’s Cut and share this link. …

Scholars using The Magic Railroad in Papers for school


There are a surprising number of fans using Thomas and the Magic Railroad to write papers for college. Sodor Island Forum’s Lightandsteam wrote a paper comparing the theatrical and directors cut and got high marks on it. Another member on the forum is working on a paper analysing Archetypes in the movie. Keep up the great work.

Stoke the fire. 90 more signatures by New Years! Get Your Family & Friends to Sign and introducing the #RestoreTheMagic Business Card


The petition has been hovering over 300 now. IWe are setting the goal to get 90 more signatures and reach 400 by the New Year.  We need to push to get as many signatures for both petitions as possible, but we don’t want duplicates either. If you haven’t already ask your friends and family members to sign the petition please… Read more »

New image why the Director’s Cut is superior. View theme all in the new Meme and Fanart Gallery!

Why the Director's Cut is better

Thanks to Twitter user @MagicRailroader for the initial contributions. If you would like to contribute memes and fanart via our contact info. View the rest of these comparison memes at the new #RestoreTheMagic meme and fanart gallery.

Part 4 of Magic Railroad Director’s Cut now available!


The 4th part of the August 1999 script is now available for download freely without signing the petition. Thanks to everyone for their patience and for their support. Please remember to continue to support #RestoreTheMagic and sign the petition so we may see PT Boomer on screen.